J’nae Peterman

J'nae Petersen

Waypoint Services

J’nae Peterman has served as the Housing Director for Waypoint Services since 2015. She graduated from The University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in family services. She started her career with Waypoint as a team member in the Madge Phillips Center emergency shelter in 2014.

J’nae believes safe, stable housing is the first step in moving a household forward. She focuses her work on creating strong community partnerships and identifying service gaps to create an array of accessible housing options. She has worked on a team that oversees housing resource coordination across the Balance of State for the past five years and is a member of the Linn Area Partners in Disaster leadership team.

J’nae is a member of several local and statewide committees focused on ending homelessness. She currently lives in Cedar Rapids with her partner and three young children.