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In each issue of HER magazine, you’ll read stories about businesswomen that will inspire and motivate you. Get real-world advice and insights as you open your eyes to the incredible accomplishments of Eastern Iowa women in business.

Women of Achievement Nominations due January 28th, 2020

Recognizing women of acheivement in Eastern Iowa.

HER Magazine, a publication of the Gazette, is pleased to announce the 2020 HER Women of Achievement Award nomination period.


Those selected as honorees will be celebrated at a special HER Women of Achievement Awards luncheon on June 4, 2020 and recognized in the pages of The Gazette throughout the year.

The HER Women of Achievement Awards was developed to recognize local businesswomen, community and non-profit leaders who positively impact our communities. Established professionals, Trailblazers (75+) as well as young and up and coming women will be honored on June 4, 2020.

Tell us in 250 or fewer words the nominee’s greatest personal, professional
or job-related achievement. Honors or awards can be included as well as
examples of a challenging problem solved, a major project completed or a
product produced. Bios and resumes accepted.

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About HER

Sharing strength, acheivements and leadership.

In the spring of 2017 the vision of HER became alive.  First, we launched the HER Women in Business Luncheon Series.  The spring and fall luncheon is comprised of a keynote address, followed by a panel discussion with five successful local women, of varying occupations and ages, who answer questions around the keynote topic. An optional hour long workshop with the keynote speaker, following the luncheon allows the attendee a deeper dive into the keynote subject matter.

Over the past two years the following keynote speakers have spoken at the HER Women in Business luncheon series:

  •  Successboarding: The Power of Self Recognition, featuring Marlo Higgins, Chief Inspiration Officer, Ignite Your Success.
  •  Success Doesn’t Just Happen in the C-Suite featuring, Gale Mote, Gale Mote Associates.
  •  Blueprint for Success: Aligning Your Work with Your Values, featuring Nancy Hauserman, Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa.
  • Your Personal Brand: Embrace the Power of You, featuring Lynn Manternach, PhD, Brand Arsonist and President, MindFire Communications.
  • Want a powerful life? Do work that matters, featuring Jackie Pelland, Mastermind of leadership development and change management, Collins Aerospace.

The luncheon series opened the door for us to meet many amazing women who are making positive impacts and are demonstrating incredible accomplishments.  This lead to the birth of the HER Magazine in the fall of 2017.  The women we met and read  about in the magazine lead to the creation of theHER Women of Achievement Awards.

The HER Awards gave us the opportunity to recognize in a significate way the everyday accomplishments happening right here, right now.  These women are honored at a luncheon in June.  A profile of each is published in the Fall HER Women in Business Magazine.  A full feature story is written about each woman, to share with the community the enacted positive changes each has contributed.

The mission of the HER brand is to create opportunities for women to share their experience, strengths and leadership with one another.  To provide a platform for open dialogue that will inspire and motivate one another to rise in the face of challenges and ultimately triumph.  HER is about YOU, ME and all of US!

Kelly Buchanan
Branding & Special Projects Manager


Sharing your support for HER with your business.

We could not create and execute HER events and content without the support of our sponsors. Previous and current sponsors include:


Farmers State Bank

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