Jess Novotny

Prestige Dance Studio

Jess Novotny, known by her studio families as “Miss Jess,” is the owner and artistic director for Prestige Dance Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With over 30 years of experience in the dance world, Novotny provides her students with a comprehensive view on the techniques, determination and respect that are essential in becoming not only successful dancers, but also people with integrity.

Novotny opened Prestige Dance Studio in 2013 to share her passion of dance in a safe, technically sound, and creative environment that offers new and innovative styles unmatched in the area.

She prides herself in integrating and immersing not only her community team, but her staff and students in corridor events, as the community is the backbone of all businesses. Her competition team is well known in the Iowa area for not only their talent, but their grit and hard-working ethics. As the head coach of Xavier High School Dance Team, she has led the team to seven state championships in her seven years with the team.

Novotny embodies life skills and principles and integrates them into the way her staff teaches so students don’t just dance — they learn a variety of skills through a different approach that goes far beyond walls of the studio and into all aspects of their lives with better results. Novotny is molding youth into self-sufficient leaders and breaking ceilings through dance.