Rachel L. Rockwell

Rachel Rockwell

In both personal and professional ventures, Rachel Rockwell has committed years of creative, therapeutic, and transformative programming and services to hundreds of youth and families internationally. Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, she is currently the program officer for Creating Safe, Equitable and Thriving (SET) Communities Fund at the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation. In both personal and professional ventures, Rockwell is also the founder of Culture Incorporated, a nonprofit community center focused on engaging and supporting at-risk youth and families through the celebration of cultural diversity and artistic expression, and responsible for the launch and co-lead of THRIVE Cohort, a project in partnership and in support of emerging Black and Brown leaders. As Project Manager for SET, Rockwell has led the local implementation of the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) model, leading an application process that granted $465,000 to advance the work to reduce youth violence.