Kathy Kaiden

Kathy Kaiden


Local nonprofit fundraising professionals often strive to accomplish what Kathy Kaiden did during her time at YPN, before retiring in April. Her journey in the organization helped her gained knowledge of every aspect of the nonprofit organization, building towards her donor-centered philosophy. “My greatest passion has been working in a leadership role to mentor YPN staff, and my greatest joys came from cultivating meaningful relationships with corporate partners, organizations and individuals within our community.”

What are your motivational must-haves?

Song or Movie: It’s now a movie…. I’m obsessed with “Hamilton!” As a retirement gift, I got to see the show live with my sister. Love the music, the story lines….and now get to watch it on TV!

Book or Author: How long can this list be?  “Rising Strong” by Brené Brown, “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon, anything by John C. Maxwell, and one of my favorite inspirational reads — “The Promise of a Pencil” by Adam Braun.

Person: I’ve had many people I’ve been blessed with on a professional level, but one individual has stuck with me for years — a woman named Diane who came in to interview for a position years ago for YPN. There was something within her that I just knew was the right fit and would thrive if given the right opportunity. We hired her and she has absolutely thrived professionally — she’s been an amazing inspiration to me.