Karmin McShane

Karmin McShane

Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid Waste Agency

As executive director of the Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid Waste Agency, Karmin McShane has seen first-hand the impact a natural disaster can have on our community. While not immersed in derecho recovery, Karmin serves on numerous local and state committees focused on environmental protection, resource recovery and sustainability. She managed the disposal of more than 400,000 tons of debris from the floods of 2008 and helped spark the vision for the transformation of Mount Trashmore.

What are your motivational must-haves?

Song or Movie: Lately I’m revisiting my rural Iowa roots and listening to country music. The lyrics are hard-working, get-it-done kind of songs!

Book or Author: I read a lot of environmental books and would select “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath” by Ted Koppel. This book is about what we are doing with our resources and what happens when we run out.

Person: My mom. We learn a lot from our mom and dad, and I am grateful for everything they taught me.